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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Introduction to natural products chemistry | Natural products chemistry-the chemistry of metabolite products of plants.
Table of contents

Plant Chemical Ecology. Metabolic Pathways.

Pages Fundamental Stereochemical Concepts and Nomenclatures. Important Biological Events Occurring in Plants.

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Monoterpenoids C Sesquiterpenoids C Diterpenoids C Sesterterpenoids C Triterpenes C Steroids: Cholesterol and Other Phytosterols. Shikimic Acid Pathway. Polyketide Pathway. Biosynthesis of Diverse Classes of Aromatic Compounds. General Introduction. Papaverine l -Tyrosine-Derived Alkaloid. Thebaine: Modified Benzyltetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids. Chosen eminent scientists write contributions and each volume are devoted to major advances in natural product chemistry.

Topics include the isolation, structure, biosynthesis, biological activity, and chemistry of the major groups of natural products such as alkaloids, terpenoids, steroids, aliphatic, aromatic and O-heterocyclic compounds, and other metabolites of plant, marine and microbial origins, developments in enzymology, nucleic acids, genetics, chemical ecology, primary and secondary metabolism, isolation and analytical techniques, and other areas which will be of general interest to all workers in the area.

Noel F.

Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Volume 51

Thomas, Kiew C. Lee, Jean-Frederic F. Hamid A. Hadi and Pascal Richomme. Synthesis of Vinblastine Derivatives.

Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products is Celebrating 80 Years

Natural Photoreceptors: Structure, Function and Applications. Molecular Cloning of Cellulase Genes from Trichoderma harzianum. Iron Acquisition and Iron Transport by Bacteria.

Table of contents

Song, D. Kim, Y. Hong, H.


Yang, I. Chung, S. Kim, B.

Kwon, D. Kim, M.

Park and N. Cyclitols: Conduritols Aminoconduritols and Quercitols. Ibtisam Abdul Wahab, Noel F. Thomas, Jean-Frederic F. Weber, Khalijah Awang, A. Chemical Investigation on Zingiber zerumbet Sm. Bioflavonoids as Bioactive Natural Products from Plants.