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Mid-week famine, weekend feast: How I follow the diet

If you fall off track by Thursday, don't wait until Monday for a new start, says Kearney-Cooke. There's no evidence of a "bad day" to start a new behavior, but she says don't start something new when you feel low energy and willpower. Dai realized that she made promises on her birthday and anniversary and wondered if others did, too.

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The researchers found that day after a birthday many people hit the gym, with the exception of the 21st birthday too many people are nursing hangovers to consider a workout after that birthday. Gym attendance is up in the beginning of the month, according to Google search data.

This is why you should NEVER start your diet on a Monday

So don't be surprised if workout classes are more crowded or you have to wait for a popular exercise machine. Many people make changes at the beginning of the seasons, researchers found. Spring is a time to clear clutter from our lives, or a reminder that bathing suit season is coming.

Fall brings the start of a new school year. One of the times students are more likely to work out is at the start of the semester, Wharton researchers found. He finds that while a new year gives people an opportunity to think about the future and their future selves, it also helps them reflect on the past and their negative behaviors.

He believes people need both perspectives to change. People are more likely to change around the new year because there is more social support and more information available, he added. But you don't have to wait for New Year's.

Monday to Friday Diet - Cookbooks on iPad

Her weight spiked after marriage — 9 tips on how she lost 56 pounds. That way you'll find it easier to eat the healthy food you need but still won't have to cut the goodies out all together.

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Eat Too Much Over The Weekend? Here's Why You Shouldn't Freak Out

All Football. Andrea Downey. There's something about the start of the working week that has a clean slate feel about it.

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