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Some have written in popular books that there is no such thing as magic. We wonder then what they think miracles are if not magic. Of course, what they mean is that human beings are incapable of magic and that only the Divine, which they perceive of in the form of the Christian demi-god and his retinue, can do magic, which is to say create miracles. We elves, naturally, disagree.


We are elves; we are magic by our very natures. We exude magic from our pores. Our every movement is magic. Magic is an effect of our being. Creating Miracles In the Modern World shows you, whoever you are—whether you are an elf or Otherkin or consider yourself a member of normal humanity—that the more we develop our own inner divine nature, the more wondrous we become, and therefore in consequence the more we are able to recognize the subtle wonders of the world and the Universe.

And possibility, which is the true nature of the Divine Magic, is at the root of the miraculous and the wondrous.

Every wondrous thing flows from its being that expresses itself through us. Thus it is that in the act of sub-creation and in some cases, perhaps, co-creation, we, like the Divine Magic itself, do manifest wonders. These are true stories of elfin magic from the lives of the Silver Elves.

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They are as complete as our memories and confidences allow. There are things we cannot tell you, some secrets we cannot reveal, but what we do tell you is true. We hope you enjoy it. This book will help one understand if one is a wyzard or a sorcerer, a healer or a warrior, an elf of wood, snow, hill, ocean, starlight, or a sprite, a faerie, a gnome, a dwarf, a changeling, a dragon, or some other magical folk. If you wonder about your true magical nature, explore the ever-flowering branches of The Tree of Life Eternal.

What makes this book particularly interesting is that Zardoa considers himself to be an elf, yet he uses scientific methods to psychologically examine his identification with the Otherkin world. Zardoa uses dream work techniques, oracle readings, and active imagination to take us through a depth psychology exploration of his own experience in the individuation process of becoming a whole person whose unconscious and conscious elements are integrated and merged as a unique individual.

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Much of the material in this book is based on a depth process study he conducted at Sonoma State University in the Depth Psychology Department in We elves are elven by spirit, so our entrance into humanity is the addition of a new spiritual race, not a new physical race, and elves have been born in these modern times into all physical races, as well as most cultures and religions throughout the world.

So, it is important to update many areas of academia that explore, express, and explain human life; psychology being one of these. Thus this book expands the realms of modern psychology, which has never before included the elves and otherkin population as being real. If one says that they are an elf, most psychologists today will still hold you in suspect of having a delusionary disorder and try to evaluate you further.

We have used our academic and clinical backgrounds as well as life experiences living and sharing the Elven Way for over 40 years to identify a new way of perceiving the struggles of elves and otherkin living in the stressful modern world that sometimes results in psychological discomforts, as well as identifying the disorders of normal folk that have yet to be written about in modern psychology. While these are not the disorders you would find in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM that is published by the American Psychiatric Association as a standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders, in our opinion they need to be included to begin updating clinical psychology to include the existence of elven and faerie folk and our perspective.

While we do not really support the use of categories like in the DSM to describe mental discomfort people are far more complex than to limit our understanding of them by psychological classifications , we are adding the elven perspective and new classifications as a way of updating this important discipline. Since both of us had a number of graduate classes in the study of the DSM required for various clinical psychology degrees, we, Zardoa and Silver Flame, have long had many discussions together on how the elven perspective has been left out of the DSM.

So here in Elven Psychology we share them with you in an often tongue in cheek fashion. If the elves were to write their own DSM, this book would be a good start! We Silver Elves certainly do not condone any dislike for normal folk, but we also do not accept the persecution of the fae that has gone on so long by them. We feel that with some reflection and communication, our diverse human population can break through the dark spells of intolerance that have cast a long shadow upon us all and we can begin to accept each other, and even help each other find a beneficial place in society that strengthens and unites us.

The Shinning Ones are the evolved beings who guide the elven people upon their spiritual Path. If you would enter Faerie, or Elfin as we often call it, this is a book about the Path that leads there. This is our most popular book, along with The Elven Way , and it is recommended as a first book to read of The Silver Elves books. They are filled with Elven Philosophy of Magic and they observe the world from the point of view of the Elves, which is often quite unique from how most people view and experience the world.

You do not have to read volume 1 to enjoy volume 2 or 3, so be sure and visit all three book links on this page before making a selection.

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The dominate theme in this book is the Manu, the Great Shnning One who is the inspiration for the evolution of humanity in this age. It is entitled Ruminations on Necromancy because the dominate theme is about Necromancy, Necroturgy, and Death. It is a guideline for awakening elves to follow as they proceed into the future and the Age of Faerie to come. It is a book of elfin magic and all elves, awakened or awakening, can gain from its wisdom and wry view of life. The commentaries on each letter are written by the Silver Elves. We know you will enjoy reading these magical letters as much as we do and find the path of the Elven Way beautiful and enchanting.

This is a particularly important book because it contains an image and meaning of the original drawing of the seven pointed elven star as first drawn and adopted by the founders of the EQD. Many of the letters are about the philosophy and meaning of the adoption of this star that has now been used world wide as the elven-faerie star. It is a further development from their other books, Through the Mists of Faerie, the Elven Way, and Liber Aelph and opens the adept elfin enchanter to new understandings of the Unfolding of Faerie and its magic into the world and our part, as elfin beings, in its expression.

The Silver Elves illuminate this with a new way of understanding traditional lore and mythology, as well as modern stories of our faerie peoples.

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There are nine chapters in the book with 30 lessons in each chapter or lessons altogether. The book uses a process of word substitution to gradually introduce the student to the use of the language while it speaks about the language itself, its creation, and the philosophy of the Elves. It is a language primarily created to be used in magic spells, rituals, and incantations.

Getting started

This book also includes a chapter of spells in Arvyndase, three scripts for use with the language, and a small dictionary of words used in the book for easy reference. This book will tell you about how the language is formed, prefixes and suffixes used, and other aspects of the language. It also contains many observations about elven magic and philosophy.

Arvyndase was created primarily to use with magic so elfin magicians, wizards, enchanters, sorcerers and other magic wielders could create and chant their spells in a magical language. This is why the last chapter in the book contains 30 invocations that can be fitted into magical rituals. There are over 30, words in the language of Arvyndase and in this dictionary, as Arvyndase is a complete language and may be both written and spoken as such.

These are a collection of short stories by Zardoa Silverstar, one of the Silver Elves. We trust you will enjoy them as much as we do. In the Elven Tree of Life, there are different types of elves and faeries that you can come out to be and there are choices of what kind of magic you wield.

So these stories in Elven Silver were originally written to go with those. We say some of his poems because the vast majority of his rhymes are found in other books, particularly An Elfin Book of Dreams: A Magical Oracle of Faerie, which contains nearly spells and enchantments, most of them rhymed. The poems in this volume of poems, however, are not found anywhere else. Some of these poems are from songs that he wrote, many of them from over 30 years ago.

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Some of them are Haikus. They are all, to us at least, evocative in their way of Elven Magic. Most of these poems in this current volume were inspired by the ancient Elven Poetry Game that Zardoa Silverstar created.

You may ask, if Zardoa Silverstar created this game, how can it be ancient? We leave that as a puzzle for you to ponder. The Elven Poem Game goes like this: An elf writes a poem and another elf takes one line from that poem and creates another poem from it, and then the first elf takes a different line from that new poem and creates another poem, and so forth.

Sometimes the line has to be changed somewhat to make it work with the new poem but most of the first lines, and thus the titles, of these poems came from other poems. It is designed to help the elfin everywhere to move through the often mysterious cultures of mankind with confidence and ease.

All the food recipes in this book are created by elves and eaten by elves! Of course, they may also be used by anyone interested in healthy and delicious foods.

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